The year is 2002.  The trip is a cruise around Cape Horn.  The camera is a Pentax film camera.  This is how it began.  Coming home from this trip, I showed my pictures to my friend, a photographer whom I very much admired.  My friend said, “you have a really good eye for composition, you should take this more seriously.”  So I did.
This led to experimentation with various forms of printing and painting.  Printing photos in black and white and painting portions of them with water colors, inks, pencils and the like.  Then I tried printing on fabric - cotton, silk, canvas.  Then it occurred to me to marry these two media and find a way to print my photographs on fabric that became something other than two dimension art.  Thus, TEXTILES was born. 
The store shows many different iterations of this process, with much more to come.  I hope you find something you like.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Patricia Gilman